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Estate Planning - Protecting Your Life and Legacy
You depend on your estate every day, so you want a lawyer that you can depend on to handle your estate planning with care. Estate planning can become an extremely complex process requiring special knowledge and experience. After all this decision decides what you do with your home, financial assets, and your personal possession after you have passed on. Seeking the guidance of a lawyer is your best option. You don’t want the court to decide who gets what when you have passed. Don’t leave that decision to the courts.

Speaking with an attorney from Baldassarre & Associates will help ease this emotional process. You will have the comfort of knowing someone skilled and knowledgeable in estate planning is handling your life and legacy with care. An attorney can assist you with the legal execution of a Will, Will Probate, and help resolve any issues that result from a lack of Will or an ambiguous Will. We can help you carry out the wishes of your loved ones.

We are experienced in providing legal services for the following:
  • Will Drafting
  • Creating Living Trust
  • Supplemental Needs Trust for Disability
  • Other Trust: Business, Education, Retirement, Etc.
  • Drafting Health Care Proxies and General Powers of Attorney
  • Succession Planning
Baldassarre & Associates will help you get back on your feet and put your best interest first after the emotional decisions in your life. Contact us today for a consultation to discuss your circumstances. We can be reached at (978) 465-5158.

Civil Litigation
Are you in the midst of a dispute? Do you have a contract or matter that needs court intervention? Are you being sued?

Any dispute that rises to a legal level can become burdensome and daunting. The proper legal representation is necessary. If you are looking for guidance with the process civil litigation in Massachusetts Baldassarre & Associates can assist you. Our office is experienced in the zealous representation civil litigation requires. We will help you resolve your matter efficiently and fairly to obtain compensation for your losses.

If you are dealing with a civil matter, don’t do it alone. Count on Baldassarre & Associates to take care of you and get the results you deserve. Contact us today for a consultation to discuss your circumstances. We can be reached at (978) 465-5158.

Business Law
Are you looking to start a business? Do you already have a business and need legal representation? Are you selling a business or transferring your interest through agreement, wills, or intestacy? We understand that owning and maintaining your own business is a hand full. We can make the process much easier for you so you can get to the rewarding parts of business.

Starting a business? We are experienced in business incorporation and filing procedures of various types of business entities. We can help you choose the right business entity and create the corporate compliance plans that are necessary for your company’s start-up. Our office can prepare the bylaws and corporate documents for all types of entities including profit and non-profit entities.

Running your business? Once you get your business is up and running we can assist you with business litigation or document modifications that may arise through growth and development. We can also contract and navigate you through contracts and employment issues.

Transferring your business interest to a family member or the loss of an owner? Family succession planning can be a critical stage of the process. Succession is all beauty and rainbows; it is preparing who has the duties and responsibilities to keep the family company running. Statistics are low for success of a family business in the second generation. We can help change that statistic. We can target some major categories such as financial, marketing, sales, and service. The goal is to make the foundation of the company as strong as it can be before it’s transferred to the next generation. Our office can also assist your company with the common issues of who to leave the interest to, how to handle multiple children in inheritance, leadership responsibilities, and technical errors in documentation. These common issues are things that can be planned for success in the second generation’s ownership. Rest easy before difficult times arise knowing that you have a plan for your company’s future and your family will not be drowning in the stress of such a responsibility when that time comes.

We are dedicated to serving your business’s needs with one-on-one care at affordable, reasonable costs. We want your business to thrive! Please contact us with any questions and set up a consultation to get your business needs squared away.
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